Holiday Inn Brighton - Seafront

Holiday Inn Brighton - Seafront
137 Kings Road,
BN1 2JF, United Kingdom

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Stock Burger Brighton

Stock Burger Co.

Stock Burger Co. Brighton is not just an excellent burger joint. It's not just a great bar. It's both.

We began with the belief that burger + beer = a marriage made in heaven. Then we took it to the next stage: exceptional burger + craft beer = heaven on earth.

It’s all very well being great at one side of the relationship. When you get them both in one place, alongside people who really care about making the marriage last, you can feel the passion. So that’s what we set out to achieve. Our menus give the idea, but don’t include two critical ingredients; people and atmosphere.

You’re just going to have to come and start your own relationship. 

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Stock Burger Restaurant Brighton

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